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Jan is a qualified teacher and lecturer and has had training in: psychodynamic, Adlerian, CBT & SFT approaches to counselling. These approaches led her in the Person Centred approach. Jan’s work is now rooted in the person-centred approach and she has completed several post graduate qualifications. She is the author of many articles and publications including: “Voices of the Voiceless: Person-centred approaches and people with learning difficulties’ (PCCS Books, 2002); ‘Living in Pain: Mental Health and the Legacy of Childhood Abuse’ in Person-Centred Psychopathology: A Positive Psychology of Mental Health. Eds Joseph, S. & Worsley, R. (PCCS Books, 2005) and ‘Recovering from childhood sexual abuse: Dissociative processing.’ In Person-Centred Practice: Case Studies in Positive Therapy. Eds. Worsley, R. & Joseph, S. (PCCS Books. 2007)

In 1994 Jan founded a course for practitioners to develop skills in working with Survivors of Childhood Abuse which has been running since. She has provided team building and consultancy to various Social Services teams, young people’s counselling organisations, Mencap, residential homes for people with learning disabilities and Disability groups throughout the UK.

Jan has a successful individual and couples counselling practice, and provides clinical and post doctorall supervision.

For several years Jan has been offering a successful series of one day skills development workshops for practitioners for continuing professional development (CPD) covering a wide range of topics by demand.

Jan Hawkins


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